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Trupanion Medical Insurance for Your Pet

Your veterinarian can save your pet's life. Trupanion pet insurance can help protect your life savings.

One out of two pets will experience a major injury or illness. If you are faced with unexpected veterinary bills you may be forced to make hard choices between following the doctor's advise and your family's financial needs. Pet insurance can save the day. But you must choose wisely.

The right pet medical insurance can make you a hero. Not all policies are alike. Some companies restrict their policies with limits that might prevent you from getting the benefits you need when you need the most.

Our simple plan covers:

- Surgeries, diagnostic tests, medications and hospital stays if you pet gets sick or injured

-Hereditary and congenital conditions

-Therapeutic pet foods
--we cover 1/2 of the cost of the food to assist in the care of your pet
--a discount on your premium after 2 months of coverage

-Dietary supplements provided by your veterinarian

-Working pets (including service, therapy and breeding cats and dogs)

-Optional add-ons cover:
--Hip dysplasia
--Alternative therapies (accupuncture, hydrotherapy, etc.)
--Behavioral modification/training/therapy.

90% Coverage on:
-Less the exam fee and optional deductible
-Full coverage available at any veterinary clinic, emergency care center or specialty hospital.

No Limits:

-No per incident limit, no annual limit, no lifetime limit on the amount of care your pet can receive

-No limits on hereditary or congenital conditions